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New Rules.

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New Rules. Empty New Rules.

Post  Admin Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:27 am

1.Member Relations, Flaming, Trolling and Verbal Attack
Do not blatantly attack another member because you don't like them or because you disagree with their opinion on a matter. If you have personal words to share with them do it via private message. Open attacks will result in warnings or banning (temporary or permanent). Unwanted private attacks (flames sent via PM to a member), if brought to our attention, will be dealt with by disciplinary action.

Trolling is not allowed. What is trolling? Trolling means to post something which is intentionally incorrect and aims to elicit an emotional reaction from those with a hair-trigger on the reply key. Trolling can make a person lose his/her mind. What is a flame? A flame is a blatant personal attack on another member rather than his/her idea or argument. If you insult another member purposefully to any degree, even in a foreign language, it will result in a flame warning.

If you encounter cases of flame, please report it to the staff, so that the staff can take action in the form of warning or even in the worst case ban.

Racist attacks are not allowed in our forum. Just because you believe your race is more special than others doesn't make you a different or more superior person. Respect for other races or ethnicity will in turn earn you better reputation for being a Hackscape member.

3.Flame Baiting
Flame baiting is not allowed in our forum. What is 'flame baiting'? It means posting a topic or something with the intention of triggering a flame war, or one that invites flames in reply. It's equivalent to inviting someone to troll. Such kind of post are not allowed in Hackscape.

4.Listen to the Administrators and Moderators. Respect Staff Authority
These people run this forum. It is his or her job to make sure this is a friendly and rewarding place for everyone that participates. If you get a message from one of them pay careful attention. Do not assume a moderator has no power in forums they don't moderate, because they do. Please respect all staff at all times. This applies to post in public forum as well as in PM.

We appreciate your complaint about a certain person or his/her action for e.g. flames, insult. However, this will have to be done in private through PM or e-mail. If it's a complaint about the staff, the staff will investigate and respond to you quickly.

6 Never Challenge the Authority of Staff Publicly
We do respect your personal opinion about staff, but personal complaints or comments about staff should be done privately through PM or e-mail. You should not challenge the authority of staff publicly.


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